Thursday, January 9, 2014

Small Beginnings

I  had to fall to my knees this morning and thank the lord when the song, Just the Beginning, came on during my quiet time with God.  I've heard this song before but for some reason it really captured me today.  I had to literally stop reading the word and lift my hands to God just to simply say thank you! This song led me to this scripture Zechariah 4:10

  How great it is to know that this is just our beginning, the best is yet to come, our story isn't finished yet. God has so much for us and has claimed victory over our lives.  If you are struggling with where you are in life, just know that God has put you there for a reason.  He is setting you up for something better and he has great plans for you! Don't be sad this is the beginning because God is rejoicing simply because you have begun!

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